Bitcoin Atom

I manage business development as an advisor consultant for Bitcoin Atom, a significant hard fork of Bitcoin, focused on atomic (direct) swaps technology.

I have directly contributed to taking Bitcoin Atom (BCA) market cap from $0 at the time of the fork (January 24, 2018), to roughly $11,500,000 currently, within a handful of months.

I provide overall strategy consultation with CEO and CTO on an ongoing basis.

I manage obtaining exchanges listings for Bitcoin Atom (BCA) on key cryptocurrency exchanges, including OKEx (at times #1 in volume), HitBTC, Yobit, IDEX and Mercatox, including managing and tracking the contact and application process.

I got the BCA token listed on Coinmarketcap which is a very important achievement for any blockchain or cryptocurrency project.

I manage the listing process for wallet integrations for the Bitcoin Atom (BCA), including industry-leading wallet Coinomi.

I author and publish the significant majority of blog and social media posts. Please see Bitcoin Atom posts on Medium for examples.

I provide English-language consultation for all written content ranging from blog posts, to cover letters to advertising copy, to legal and financial paperwork of various types.

I author, edit and manage nearly all business-facing and customer-facing written communication.

I provide keyword and SEO consultation for online ads.

I provide, and advise regarding, community management and related consultation with respect to overall social and online presence.

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