I manage business development for ATLANT as an advisor and consultant. I began working with the team a couple of weeks before the start of their ICO, which ran for almost two full months, ending on October 31, 2017.

My bio on the ATLANT website.

Doug Sandlin
“Over 25 years in business development for technology startups, including sales, marketing, strategic development, partnerships, consulting and executive management. Specialist in customer and partner relationship management and monetization. Entrepreneur in human optimization field, developer of the Living Unbound℠ and Humanity Unbound℠ frameworks.”

Source: Team Section of ATLANT Website

During the ICO (Initial Coin Offering), I directly contributed to helping the ATLANT project raise approximately $8 million (exact figure varies, per cryptocurrency market fluctuations), via a complete range of strategic and tactical consultation, and related implementation.

Areas of focus have included:

Overall strategy consultation with CEO and CTO on an ongoing basis.

Partnership program and product-service structure consultation.

Seeking and obtaining listings for the ATLANT token (ATL) with cryptocurrency exchanges, including OKEx (at times #1 in volume), HitBTC, Yobit, IDEX and Mercatox, including managing and tracking the contact and application process.

Listing the ATL token on Coinmarketcap.

Seeking and obtaining wallet integrations for the ATLANT token (ATL), including MyEtherWallet (which involved relevant Github pull requests and JSON integration), Coinomi and Blockfolio.

Authoring and publishing the significant majority of blog and social media posts.

Providing English-language consultation for all written content ranging from blog posts, to cover letters to advertising copy.

Keyword and SEO consultation for online ads.

Community management and related consultation.


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