Notary Loan Signing Agent

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Can I help your business run more smoothly?

About Me

For in-person (mobile notary or in-office) closing, I serve Lehigh Valley (Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, etc.) as well as surrounding areas within Eastern Pennsylvania.

I have over 30 years executive and managerial business experience, and always do my best to delight customers. I help all customers feel very comfortable, while maintaining optimal professionalism at all times.

I am authorized by the State of Pennsylvania to conduct enotary/RON (Remote Online Notary) closings. I am a Certified Loan Signing Agent, with both the National Notary Association and Loan Signing System (LSS). I am also certified on both the Nexsys and Pavaso platforms for remote (RON) signings / eclosings. I can provide online (remote) signings (digital closing services) for customers located anywhere.

NNA Certified Notary Signing Agent

My Clients / Partners

I am seeking additional direct (escrow officers, title companies, lenders, real estate offices) to work with as long-term clients/partners, as well as additional high quality notary signing services.

Why Should You Work With Me?

I understand that as a notary signing agent, that I am an important extension of your business, and that my skill and professionalism reflects on you. Mistakes can cost a rate lock, or cause a buyer or borrower to lose out on beneficial terms, or just create headaches for everyone involved.

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My Correct Signing Guarantee

That’s why I bring my decades of business experience and work ethic to the table, and guarantee that I will never miss any dates, initials or signatures. And I mean this literally: if I ever make an error on the documents, we can discuss it, and I will correct it, and I will give you the option not to pay me for that signing.

Impartial And Informed

I always make sure your customer knows what they are signing by guiding them through the documents. I catch all signatures on the 1003, both old and new versions. I’m familiar with PA notary certificate requirements, and write in state and county, with initials and date, if needed. I always make sure that the borrower initials any corrections to the Notice of Right to Cancel. Or if the lines are blank, I’ll have the borrower fill in the dates themselves.

Prompt Service

I will always return the completed loan package to you as quickly as possible, whether hand delivered to your office, or sent via Fedex or your preferred carrier, if you are located outside my travel area.

Quality Customer Service To Your Clients

I will interact with your customers as much or as little as you like. If you want me to confirm the appointment, double check arrangements (i.e. the borrower will have their ID and their check or cashier’s check ready at the signings, etc.), I am always happy to do so. I’m also very comfortable around all kinds of people, and you can count on me to always show the kind of professionalism toward all customers that you would offer, yourself.

How To Get In Touch With Me

For RON signings, I can work with clients located anywhere. For in-person / mobile notary loan signings, I am seeking clients/partners that do business in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley (Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton and surrounding areas). I can also be available on short notice.

Please add me to your notary database, and please call or text 610-730-1660 to confirm that you have done so, and to discuss any signings that I can help you with. Alternately, if you have a specific approval process, please email me with the details, and I will be happy to provide any information you require.

New Client Free Closing Offer

If you are affiliated with a company that I have not worked with, and you think you might like to work with me, I will work a half day in your office for free, to become familiar with your specific processes and preferences. Or, I will offer your first closing for free, and then we can discuss how we can best work together.

Please give me a call today, so that we can discuss, and get started! 610-730-1660.