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How Can I Help? Helping Each Other In The Time Of Coronavirus

helping hands
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Yes, I’m genuinely asking. And I’m asking you to ask this, too. To everyone, all the time. Let everyone know you’re available to help. Certainly not in all ways, but in whatever ways you can help, now.

Why? Because we’re all in this together. Literally. Actually. We’re living through one of the most major crises in world history, and it’s still ramping up.

And no one knows exactly how challenging it may get, from the standpoint of the coronavirus, the economic and financial fallout, the social, emotional and societal fallout, or all of these.

The powers that be don’t know what they’re doing, if you haven’t noticed. And I’m guessing you probably have noticed. They’re not going to save us. So, it’s up to us. To you. To me. To each of us.

If you need help, by all means, ask. Anyone you know. Including me. I might not be able to help directly, but it’s quite possible that I can point you to resources that can help you, or be helpful for you to use.

I can help you reduce stress with meditation and mindfulness, and related practices. I can just listen, and provide person to person support, and I might even have a practical suggestion or two.

I can help you with business or technology related challenges. And if I can’t help you directly, again, I may well know someone, or of a resource, that possibly can.

And I’m sure there are more ways that I haven’t thought of, yet. I’m still considering it all, and will put other things out there as I think of them, and I invite you to do the same.

And just as important as on-the-ground helping each other is, in terms of the assistance that we can each provide, there’s another reason that’s just as important: helping others helps ourselves. Always.

Connecting with people and helping people reduces stress, and it puts attention on someone else, directly helping any of us who are struggling with our own circumstances, challenges and stress to feel at least a little better, for at least a little while.

Now’s the time. Don’t hold back. Be creative. What do you know how to do?What can you give? What can you offer?

Giving even a little money toward someone’s rent or food needs? Making masks? Sourcing PPE (personal protective equipment)? Posting recipes for easy to cook meals? Savings tips? Exercise tips? Good movies and video games? Homeschooling tips? Technology tips? Helping your startup or freelance business survive tips? All sincerely needed. As is so much more. Are you funny? That’s sorely needed right now. A few smiles and laughs can help us all, right now. Are you simply caring? Ditto.

What things that people might need can you think of?

And if you need any of those things or anything else, ask. Anyone. Everyone. Privately. Publicly.

It’s by connecting with each other and helping each other that we’ll all get through this.

People are doing all of these things, and so much more, already. Just by starting, and just by putting it out there. You’ve probably seen some of them, wherever you might spend time online.

But maybe you’re out of work, and even depressed. Or exceptionally anxious and stressed. Well, so are millions of other people. Probably billions, worldwide.

So why not do what you can to connect, and to give and receive help?

And if you just go ahead and put your willingness to help and be helped out there, you might find others in a similar situation who will benefit just by talking with one another, and providing genuine emotional support. They’ll likely feel at least a little better, and so will you.

Offer what you can, ask for what you need.

Connect, give, receive.

That’s how it’s been done on the ground, for all of human history. Especially in the most challenging times. And yes, many of us, especially in wealthy nations, are new at this.

That’s okay. Much like eating, breathing, sleeping, etc., helping one another is natural. Literally. Humans are social animals. Which means we help each other. We’re wired to survive and thrive together, not alone.

Let’s do this. Because no one else is going to do it for us.

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