About Me

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I’m Doug Sandlin, and I have over 40 years of business and personal development experience that I can use to help you and/or your business grow. I offer a range of consulting, coaching and mentoring services for businesses and individuals.

To learn more, please give me a call at 610-730-1660 or send me an email.



  • Business Growth Strategies
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Sales Strategies
  • Business Process Optimization
  • Project Management Process Optimization
  • Business Resource Consulting
  • Technology Resource Consulting



Mindset is the most important single resource that any of us can have. I have spent decades optimizing my brain health, mindset, and outlook on life via a variety of practices and approaches, and teaching all of this to others, as outlined at the Living Unbound website.

I offer customized coaching programs that can help you to achieve the same kinds of results.



I offer mentoring services for those just starting out, in any of the business and personal categories mentioned above.