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How Can I Help? Helping Each Other In The Time Of Coronavirus

Photo by Perry Grone on Unsplash Yes, I’m genuinely asking. And I’m asking you to ask this, too. To everyone, all the time. Let everyone know you’re available to help. Certainly not in all ways, but in whatever ways you can help, now. Why? Because we’re all in this together. Literally. Actually. We’re living through one of the...Continue reading

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Why This Bitcoin Bull Market Is Different

More Institutions, More Investors, More Users What are the indicators that this new Bitcoin bull market may be stronger and longer-lasting than the last one, which peaked near the end of 2017? Institutional Money and Infrastructure The benefits of institutional money coming into the Bitcoin market have been predicted for some time, and it’s actually...Continue reading

Bitcoin price dip on Bitstamp May 17 2019

Concerned by the Recent Drop in Bitcoin’s Price? Don’t Be.

A Perspective Check on Bitcoin Price Fluctuations A Very Brief Review of Bitcoin’s ten year price history Bitcoin first broke $7,000 on Nov 2, 2017. Bitcoin next dropped below $7,000 June 11, 2017. Bitcoin hit $7,000 again on July 17, 2018. Bitcoin’s price vacillated above and below $7,000 for a couple of months, but then...

May 2019: Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Adoption are Kicking In

From Enterprise Blockchain Partnerships to Fintech Integrations to Government-based initiatives and Institutional Investment in Cryptocurrency, We’re Seeing Some Significant Signs of Life   Enterprise Blockchain Initiatives and Partnerships Facebook is reportedly looking for allies to support its planned cryptocurrency payment service “Facebook has been in talks with dozens of financial firms and e-commerce companies to...Continue reading

What will be the impact of Bitcoin ETFs?

Originally answered on Quora. Question as asked on Quora:  “What will be the impact of Bitcoin ETF’s on the economy?” I don’t know that Bitcoin ETFs alone will have a huge impact on the economy, at least near term. However, I see the near-term advent of Bitcoin ETFs as a positive sign that Bitcoin is...Continue reading

How Far Down Will The Price Of Ethereum Drop? Will It Go To Zero?

Originally posted on Quora Question: How Far Down Will The Price Of Ethereum Drop? Will It Go To Zero? My Answer: Very probably not. ETH is simply the token of Ethereum, which provides the infrastructure backbone for the current blockchain ecosystem. For instance, the vast majority of blockchain projects run on the Ethereum network, and use...Continue reading

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