I started Doug Sandlin Consulting because it’s important to me to emphasize that I am literally putting my name to the quality of my work.

I specialize in optimizing blockchain projects via business development, marketing, funding (ICOs, STOs, other options) and growth strategy services. My current areas of specialization including regulatory considerations and compliance (i.e. security tokens), funding compliance, partnerships and custom-designed growth strategies.I currently lead business development for ATLANT, the global tokenized real estate trading platform. Among other milestones, I directly contributed to ATLANT raising over $7 million during the 2017 ICO, and well as to the listing of the ATL token on leading exchanges (i.e. OKEx, HitBTC).

I also lead business development efforts for Bitcoin Atom, a fork of Bitcoin, that took place in January 2018, and which has since grown to a market cap of roughly $15 million, in a handful of months.

I have over 30 years experience and success with all facets of business development for technology companies, ranging from lead generation, to sales processes and operations, to technology partnerships, vendor selection, and customer-facing partnerships.

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