The DSC Advantage

Real-World Services That Get Results

  • Security Tokens
  • Token and Smart Contract Design
  • KYC
  • AML
  • Compliance in Various Jurisdictions
  • Strategic Networking and Introductions
  • Consulting, Exempt Offering Options
  • Partnerships
Security Token Offerings
  • Funding Options
  • Seed, Angel and Venture Funding
  • Security Token Pre-Sales
  • Security Token Offerings
  • Strategic Networking
  • Consultation, Compliant Offerings
  • Consultation, Best Platforms
  • Partnerships
Business Development
  • Strategic Networking
  • Partnerships
  • Growth Consulting
  • End to End Offering Process
  • Gap Analysis
  • Building Long Term Business
  • Tokenization Design and Models
Vertical Market Expertise
  • Real Estate, PropTech
  • Government, Federal, Military, State, Local
  • Financial, FinTech
  • Technology
  • Enterprise
  • Startups
Digital Asset Advisory
  • Long term investing in Cryptoassets
  • Trading Cryptoassets
  • Options for high net worth and institutional investors
  • Consulting, Preferred Resources
Specific DSC Advantages
  • Custom-created, proven process framework
  • Extensive experience with startup projects
  • Wide range of relevant business experience
  • Direct C-level ICO and hard fork client experience and success
  • Solid understanding of blockchain potential and near term use cases
  • Expertise in enterprise systems, and relevant blockchain based solutions


What will be the impact of Bitcoin ETFs?

Originally answered on Quora. Question as asked on Quora:  “What will be the impact of Bitcoin ETF’s on the economy?” I don’t know that Bitcoin ETFs alone will have a huge impact on the economy, at least near term. However, I see the near-term advent of Bitcoin ETFs as a positive sign that Bitcoin isContinue reading

How Far Down Will The Price Of Ethereum Drop? Will It Go To Zero?

Originally posted on Quora Question: How Far Down Will The Price Of Ethereum Drop? Will It Go To Zero? My Answer: Very probably not. ETH is simply the token of Ethereum, which provides the infrastructure backbone for the current blockchain ecosystem. For instance, the vast majority of blockchain projects run on the Ethereum network, and useContinue reading

Is cryptocurrency only for the economically well-to-do?

Original Question: Is cryptocurrency only for the economically well-to-do? Originally published on Quora Answer: Actually, cryptocurrency is primarily for the less well-to-do, in terms of the benefits it offers over the long term. The only aspect of cryptocurrency that is primarily for the economically well-to-do are the secondary investment markets, ranging from globally-popular exchange trading,Continue reading

What is the relevance of Bitcoin to the world?

Original Question: “What is the relevance of Bitcoin to the world?” “The most important thing that Bitcoin offers is a new form of sound money outside the control of any authority or government in the world. This is something that is very very important for the world economy and I think it is going toContinue reading

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